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Altitude acclimatization for trekking – 10 golden rules

May 26, 2012
Altitude acclimatization

→ 1st acclimatization rule: increase altitude gradually → 2nd acclimatization rule: consume lots of liquids → 3rd acclimatization rule: avoid alcohol, smoking and using sleeping tablets → 4th acclimatization rule: use preventive medicines → Acetazolamide or Diamox® → Ginkgo biloba extract → Garlic soup → 5th acclimatization rule: avoid overexertion → 6th acclimatization rule: don’t […]

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Trekking Lodges

October 23, 2010
Trekking lodge on Everest base camp trek

Trekking Lodges on popular Treks in Nepal Himalaya It is a bit pretentious to call some village establishments hotels, but the most common word in Nepali for restaurant or eating place is hotel. Since the word hotel has, therefore, been pre-empted, Nepalis use the word lodge for a sleeping place or inn. Thus in the […]

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